Thursday, March 7, 2013

 i'm 2!
 the contest-katie won with the p that she frosted
 he luvs frosting!
 bendigo chose to eat the top p! i like the g myself..

 WINNER!--the prize was deer meat!

 him n his gfriend-she is 3 weeks younger
 there ya go brian
 this is prob there 3rd time holding hands
 and then they hugged right in front of daddy!
 luv it...don't grow up
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 we r growing!

 my boyz
the blues
 oh yea...
 reading in the morning:)

we luv the snow!-except when i get dumped

 wow what a face bendigo

 right before bendigo fell off and landed on his face
 so bright outside
 fell asleep playing
 our neighbors snow hill from the plow
 first icecycles-icycles-did i spell that right?
 cool dude
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 luvs to brush teeth
 luv this kid..such a good baby
 oh daddy...
 ...i'm taking my ball..and that's final
 uh oh..sleepin in our bed
 slam dunk!

 luv da chubs
 and my one eyed willy
 what a stud
 stretching after a run
 seriously're gonna take a picture right
 ok i'll smile!
 our grinder that works awesome--thanks chrissee
 THANKS for coming COCO!:)
 he wuvs u
 uh oh-he wants to take the pic

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